Top Tips to finding a wedding photographer in Chester

5 Top Tips When Finding a Wedding Photographer

Top Tip when finding a wedding photographer
Top Tip when finding a wedding photographer

5 Top Tips When Finding a Wedding Photographer

Finding a Wedding Photographer is not a science, it is common sense. For those who are baffled, let my years of experience help you.

Many couples I talk to find the process of finding and booking a wedding photographer very stressful and often a “stab in the dark”. It really doesn’t have to be difficult, more of a process of elimination and here are some top tips to finding a wedding photographer who meets your requirements and needs.

As a highly experienced wedding photographer at CaptureMy Wedding based in Chester, Cheshire, I hear lots of horror stories about weddings where they had no photographer, no images they liked and crucially, no memories to treasure. This blog is to help avoid all of those nightmare wedding photography scenarios and investing some time before making any decisions will be the best decision you make.

1. Find a Wedding photography STYLE that you really like

There are a range of styles and every wedding photographer will be keen to tell you their “buzz” word on their photographic style and these include: natural/informal, posed /formal, documentary/photo journalistic, traditional, contemporary….some even offer a combination of them all! More detail can be found here. Whatever they choose to call it, find a style you really, really like and one you feel fits you as a couple. Once you have found the photographic style that you like, you can start looking for which photographers who capture weddings using a similar style/approach.

Once you have a few wedding photographers on a list, you can start comparing and contrasting their skill, experience, approach, prices and of course availability. Once you have chosen the style of wedding photography that you like, check availability. It is pointless going through the comparison process without checking this first; it only leads to disappointment. Click here to check our availability at CaptureMy Wedding.

Whatever you do, don’t buy on price alone. Book a photographer because you love their photography style and the way they capture a wedding; that way you will have wedding photographs and potentially an album that you will love and you can treasure for the rest of your lives.

2. Find a Wedding Photographer you LIKE

I really don’t mean go out and find yourself a new best friend. I mean find a wedding photographer that you like, genuinely happy to spend one of the most special days of your life with. And when I mean “with” I mean in the company of.

If you have had friends who are married, ask them how long they spent with their wedding photographer and they will tell you…ages! Longer than some of their family and friends! So, now imagine booking a wedding photographer whom you didn’t like, who was following you around and photographing you all day until 9pm at night possibly later, now how do you feel? Annoyed? Frustrated?

This can be avoided by doing your due diligence and meeting with each photographer and observing how they speak/behave around you. Go and see them at wedding fair and open evenings and see them on as many occasions as you need to be assured that they are the photographer you want to capture your wedding. Click here to see my own list of wedding fair and wedding open evenings in Chester where you can meet me and discuss your requirements in full.

Always trust your gut; you’ll know the wedding photographer you should have when you meet them.

3. Always, ALWAYS meet your Wedding photographer

Have you ever bought something on the internet and when it arrived in the post, you didn’t like it? Whatever you do, don’t do the same with your wedding photographer. Don’t hope for the best and then expect the best results. Plan for success by being in control of your wedding photography and meet with the person you are commissioning to capture your wedding day. Its called due-diligence.

You might choose  a photographer who lives in a different area/city to you and/or where you are getting married and thus face-to-face meetings won’t always be possible. However, in this digital age, we are blessed with various platforms for communication, here at CaptureMy Wedding, I always offer alternative chat-options for those couples who live out of the area of who aren’t able to meet me because of working shifts or work commitments in the run up to their wedding. Remember you can face-time your photographer as well as Skype and good old talking on the phone too. Communication is key.


The closer you get to the wedding, you’ll have lists, lists and more lists. This is great…so long as you share them with the intended person…your wedding photographer! Planning and discussing your wedding in detail with your wedding photographer once all of your timings are finalised and when you know exactly what you want.. Ensure you know what you want. Tell them what you don’t want too. This helps everyone to be clear on the parameters that they are to work within.

Talk through the worst case scenarios and a particular favourite of the British; the weather. This often goes off-topic at pre-wedding meetings for fear of “jinxing” the day. My attitude is, if you talk and prepare for it, should it happen, plan B comes into operation quickly and there is no time wasted stood looking at the drenched gardens asking “what are we going to do now?…sob sob”.

5. TRUST your wedding Photographer

If you’ve taken my advice and done your due-diligence and chosen your wedding photographer then relax, you’ve done the hardest bit! Now let them use their years of skill, knowledge and expertise to capture your wedding in their style, that you love. When you put your trust in them you will relax and enjoy your day as it unfolds and will have a range of wedding photographs to look back and treasure for years and decades to come.

Good luck on finding your wedding photographer and have a fabulous wedding day!

Laura-Louise x

© Laura-Louise Cheers of CaptureMy Wedding | 2016 | Chester


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